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If you are facing the task of writing a 10,000 words dissertation and you are under pressure to complete the task; achieving the best outcome that will beat the deadline will not come on a platter of gold and diamond. It will require a strategy that will be of help in achieving the best results that mattered. 

We shall be taking our readers by the ends and show them eight proven steps that they can use to achieve the results which will make it easy for them to complete the task on schedule and go on to earn the marks that will add value to your final CGPA. Here we go!

  1. Break it down 

10,000 dissertations will look like an uphill task to any student. For the start, try to break the total of the word length into bits and pieces with a deadline set for each day. If you decided to write 500 words in a day; it will be easy to manage the word length. For a week comprising 5 days; you are going to go a quarter of the required word count!

  1. Planning

You need to set in motion an action plan of what you needed to write for the entire duration of your dissertation and with a specific focus of each day. Before you can achieve anything great; there must be an element of planning. When you plan; results will come in easy.

  1. Leave out introduction and conclusion until the end

Your introduction should contain the hook sentence. The conclusion must contain a call to action. If you wanted to begin powerfully and end with authority; then you have to write the two sections after you are through with your entire content. That way, you will be able to write like an authority on the subject.

  1. Correct referencing

All hands must be on the deck in other to ensure that you get it right with referencing. There is a particular style that is in vogue with every university. Make sure you follow the style. This will prevent you from dropping important points that ought to add up to your final grades.

  1. Bibliography as you go

Do not leave your bibliography for the end. Try as much as you can to put it down in alphabetical order as you finish with each day’s routine. It will make things easier at the end when you want to compile them in your reference. 

  1. Proofreading

When you are through with the writing of your dissertation; give yourself a break before you come back to it again. This time around, proofread what you have written in other to remove grammatical errors and mistakes. Do not take things to chances. Read it meditatively and loud to yourself. Give it to a trusted ally (not necessarily an expert) to read on your behalf to remove all grammatical errors and mistakes. This will be of help before submission of the draft of your final dissertation.

  1. Stick to your daily routine

You must bear in mind that you are under a strict schedule. It is, therefore, necessary to stick to a daily routine. No matter what, you are expected to show 100% commitment to the schedule of work during the timeframe of the assignment. Give yourself rewards when you achieve set deadlines in a day.

  1. Be positive

On a final note; you have to believe in yourself that you can catch up with time. The tips above are all that you require in other to beat the deadline. With 500 words in a day; in four weeks of five working days; you are going to arrive at a logical conclusion of the dissertation. All you need is a positive mindset and you will find yourself at the top!

Final thoughts

In four weeks of leisurely work; completing the dissertation work of 10,000 words will be achieved.