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Guide on Writing and Structuring Your Dissertation

The dissertation is a long piece of writing that is based on original research. This structure taken by any dissertation is based on the field of study of the student. In almost all the cases, the structure is divided into 5 to six chapters.  Several important features are included in a dissertation and we shall

Tips to Write an Introduction Chapter for a Thesis

The Ph.D. introduction serves three major purposes. They are requirements that should be fulfilled if the introduction is to be considered effective. The three areas of focus include:  The ability to establish a research territory The niche you are into must be established and justified Finally, you are expected to explain the significance of your

What Do You Need To Create a PhD Research Proposal

The research proposal is the supporting document that will be required when you are applying for the research degree. This is the summary of what your research questions are and it is very important to fill the gaps that surround your topic. It brings out the idea of your aims, methods, and your timetable. The

How to Kick-Start Your Dissertation Writing

The beginning of anything in life is very important and it will go all the way to define the level of success you are going to have in the final analysis. For the majority of students, starting a dissertation remains a big puzzle.  When you fail to lay the right foundation from the beginning, it